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Step in to Bluemoon’s revolutionary gaming ecosystem where you can play, earn & explore digital assets

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Bluemoon Ecosystem

Mobile App
Manage your gaming profiles, collect xBlue, win prizes & manage your assets on the go.
Mooncoin Mini Game
Tap to play on Telegram, earn Mooncoins, and redeem points in the Bluemoon Mobile App.
Create, explore, and socialise in immersive, virtual environments with AI-assisted design tools.
Events & Competitions
Participate in diverse events and competitions to win rewards and gain community recognition.
Digital Asset Store
Store, trade, and utilise your unique digital assets across the Bluemoon gaming ecosystem.
Super Staking $BLUE
Superstaking on Bluemoon offers APY, NFT rewards, and exclusive game assets through super staking.
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Events Hosted
Partners &

Partners & Backers


A Telegram Tap-to-Play Mini game
Just Tap!
A simple tap-to-play game, enhancing user engagement within Bluemoon.
Join clans & compete on leader boards to win & earn rewards
Complete Tasks
Complete tasks, refer others to earn rewards.
Just Tap!
Integrated with Bluemoon app, claim xBLUE and $BLUE tokens upon launch.
NFT Integration
Seamlessly enter the Metaverse from any device, anywhere, anytime using a shareable link
One-Click Access
Showcase, buy, sell, and swap digital assets while creating exclusive, token-gated spaces, to offer unique access to members in your Metaverse
Easy Space Creation
Design unique Metaverse spaces with no technical skills required, choose one you like and its yours in a few clicks
Custom Avatars
Personalise your virtual presence with unique, customisable avatars for self-expression and immersion
Digital Asset Store
Discover and purchase a wide range of digital assets in our integrated store. From aesthetic enhancements to functional utilities, our store offers avatars, vehicles, land parcels, and much more.

Metaverse Analytics At Your Fingertips

Manage spaces, monitor performance, track revenue, and make data-driven decisions.

Gain valuable insights into your virtual spaces and user interactions to optimize experiences and revenue
In-depth user analytics
Performance tracking
Revenue optimization

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