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Unlock insights
with powerful analytics

Gain valuable insights into your spaces and user interactions to optimise experience and revenue

Improve Metaverse with analytics at your fingertips

Manage spaces, monitor performance, track revenue, and make data-driven decisions.

Empower your Metaverse journey

Gain valuable insights into your virtual spaces and user interactions to optimize experiences and revenue

In-depth user analytics

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Transforming Businesses and Communities

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HAPE's Fashion and Tech Fusion in the Metaverse

Revolutionising the fashion industry through immersive and interactive Metaverse experiences.

Virtual reality

We partnered with HAPE to create the innovative HAPEwalk and metaverse fashion show. Merging the worlds of fashion and technology, we crafted an immersive and interactive experience for participants and attendees alike. Our collaboration expanded HAPE's brand visibility, delighted audiences, and set a new standard for what a virtual fashion show can achieve. Highly recommended for those looking to elevate their fashion events in the digital age.

Innova-T Latam's Successful Metaverse Events

Exceptional event experiences in the Metaverse.


For Innova-T Latam, we hosted a series of immersive events in the Bluemoon Metaverse, impressing major brands and attendees alike. Our partnership led to increased confidence, brand recognition, and plans for future collaborations in the Metaverse.

Driven’s Metaverse for Private Education

Empowering financial education through immersive Metaverse experiences.

Virtual reality

We hosted successful Metaverse events for Driven, focused on financial education and private gatherings, featuring stars like former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum. Our collaboration expanded Driven's reach, enhanced brand visibility, and showcased the potential of Metaverse events for education and engagement.

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"Bluemoon Metaverse crafted a custom Legion hub that took our community engagement to the next level. From virtual AMAs to Metaverse treasure hunts, the experience they delivered was unparalleled. It's the go-to place for our community to gather and connect. We couldn't be happier with this collaboration."

Cameron Mordi-Semple
Creative Director - Legion Network

"Bluemoon Metaverse supercharged our event experience. Their custom design captivated attendees and impressed major brands. We're excited for future collaborations, bringing more unforgettable Metaverse events to life."

Fernando Morante Pazmiño
Partner - Innova-T Latam

"Bluemoon's custom-built Driven Stadium transformed our big event and the way people engage with financial education. From star guests like Fabricio Werdum to immersive learning experiences, Bluemoon's expertise brought our Metaverse vision to life, boosting our brand like never before."

Cory Kromray
CEO - Driven Academy

"Wicked N Bad's collaboration with Bluemoon to host the first-ever metaverse boxing match for influencers was nothing short of revolutionary. The event set new standards for immersive experiences, thanks to the virtual boxing arena's astonishing realism and attention to detail. Truly unforgettable!"

Myles Harris (Bouncer)
Founder - WnB

"The Bluemoon team expertly crafted our HAPEwalk and metaverse fashion show. They blended fashion and tech to create a user experience that's both interactive and immersive. Highly recommended!"

Yomi A.
Senior Programme Manager - HAPE

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Unlock insights
with powerful analytics

Gain valuable insights into your spaces and user interactions to optimise experience and revenue